District of Columbia

All rental properties (not certified to be lead free units) built before 1978 with a pregnant woman or child under the age of 6 living there must have one of two tests completed or that has a child under 6 who regularly visits.

Maryland Regulations

All rental properties (not certified to be a lead free ) built before 1978

Every landlord needs to complete one of the following steps to maintain compliance:

Lead Free Inspection

Clearance Test

The Lead Free report, issued after a property passes the pan data-offset-key lead free inspection, indicates that the property meets the lead free standard. Once this certificate is issued, no additional inspections are needed.

The Clearance Test is a visual inspection looking for peeling, flaking or chipped paint on the exterior, interior and basement, as well as dust swipes to look for lead dust. This inspection must be repeated whenever a new tenant moves into the property.

All District of Columbia landlords must Distribute a ‘Notice of Tenants Rights’ as well as a DDOE disclosure form disclosure form to new tenants alongside a copy of the inspection certificate.

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