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Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessment and Consulting

Lead-based paint is a Neurotoxin.  In or around one’s home it is a major source of lead poisoning.   Children under 7 years old are the population that is most likely to be poisoned.  That is because they are most likely to put inappropriate objects in their mouths and because their bodies absorb minerals more easily than do others.   It only takes a very small amount to poison and thus affect a child for the remainder of their lives.

Old doorIf your home was built before 1978 it may contain lead-based paint. If it is located in the District of Columbia or in the State of Maryland and it is a rental property, then you are required to have the property cleared and to provide a copy of the clearance to your tenant unless you have Lead Free Certification. (Important Note: see the definition of Lead Free Inspection below.) In that case you only have to provide your tenant with a copy of that proof.

It is possible that you may have obtained a Limited Lead Free Certification in Maryland. If you have that certification you are still required to have the exterior inspected once every two years.

If your home is not a rental property you are not required to have your property inspected unless you have a day care, a foster child under 7 years old or a foster child.


Lead Inspection an inspection to determine if the subject’s paint contains lead.

Lead Free Inspection  – is and inspection to determine if a unit or a home qualifies under the regulations to be considered Lead Free in the interior and on the exterior of the residence. It DOES NOT conclusively determine that  the residence does not have any lead components as only a fraction of the total components are required to be tested.

Limited Lead Free Inspection- is and inspection to determine if a unit or a home qualifies under the regulations to be considered Lead Free in the interior only.  It cannot conclusively determine that the residence does not have any lead components in the interior. The protocol does not require that every component be tested.

Lead Risk Assessment– an onsite investigation to determine and report the existence nature, severity and location of conditions conducive to lead poisoning, including:

  • The gathering of information regarding the age and history of the housing and occupancy of person at risk
  • A visual inspection of the property
  • Dust wipe sampling, soil sampling, and paint testing, as appropriate:
  • Other activity as may be appropriate;
  • Provision of a report explaining the results of the investigation

Risk Assessor– an individual who has been trained by an accredited training program and certified to Conduct Risk Assessments.

The affects are insidious. Prevention is simple.

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