Pay For Services


Missed Appointment Fee$50.00
per missed appointment

LEAD Fees & Services

Landlord Lead Turnover Inspection$95.00
per inspection
Mother’s Babysafe Inspection$300.00
per inspection
DCRA Clearance$300.00
per clearance
DCHA Clearance interior and exterior$300.00
plus lab fees for interior and exterior
DCHA Clearance exterior only$250.00
plus lab fees
DOEE Clearance$500.00
per clearance
Risk Assessment  – HUD’s Regulations$1000.00
per assessment
Risk Assessment -Elevated Blood Lead Level$1600.00
per assessment
Evaluations pursuant to HUD’s Regulations$500.00 per evaluation
Travel Fee for Re-inspection$75.00
per re-inspection


Surface Sample Fee$30.00 per sample
Air Sample Fee$30.00 per sample
Commercial Mold Inspection$1,300.00
plus lab fees
Residential Mold Inspection$500.00
plus lab fees
Mold Risk Assessment$500.00
plus lab fees
Mold Post Abatement Inspection$300.00
plus lab fees
Per Mold Abatement Clearance$500.00
plus lab fees

Lab Fees Per Sample

Dust Wipe Fee$15.00
Soil Sample$20.00
Water Sample$50.00
Air Sample$50.00
Surface Tape Sample$50.00

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REFUND POLICY: We do not charge, and our customers do not pay in advance of our conducting services. Customers pay after we have incurred the cost of materials labors and processing. We are inspectors,  and we observe and report our findings. We draw objective conclusions as they are required by the pertinent regulations. There is no option to legally do otherwise. Because of this, we do not issue refunds. We will not unless the customer has paid and we have failed to inspect the subject, and that failure was completely the fault of a member of the A Veterans Environmental Technology Services Team.