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Mother’s Concerns

If you were to cut a penny into one million pieces just two of those pieces together would be approximately one microgram. Ten micrograms in approximately 7 tablespoons of a child’s or pregnant woman’s blood (10 ug/dL) is enough to adversely affect your child’s health now and his or her potential forever.

The majority of residences created prior to 1978 were painted with Lead Paint. There were very few residences built before 1950 that were painted with anything other than Toxic Lead Paint. Unless those painted surfaces were removed and taken away, that paint is still present and potentially a hazard.

  • The effects of Lead Poisoning are insidious. Prevention is rather simple.
  • Have your home inspected to identify the hazards.
  • Have the hazards abated or controlled
  • Know how to identify the signs that a paint condition is out of control
  • Know how to identify an underlying condition that can cause the paint to become a problem.
  • Learn how to keep pregnant woman, babies and small children safe inside an older home.

If you are not sure that you already know. We can help.

Our Moms’ Inspection – is an onsite investigation to determine and report the existence, and location of conditions conducive to lead poisoning, including:

  • A visual inspection of the property
  • Dust wipe sampling, soil sampling, and paint testing, as appropriate


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