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DC and Maryland Lead Law

What do you have to know to pass a DC, Maryland, HUD, and or EPA Lead Paint test every time?

You need to know that the inspector is looking for HAZARDs, the remnants of Hazards and underlying conditions that may cause hazards.

Please clink the link which follows which contains information specific to Maryland Lead Law.

What are Hazards?

Hazards are condition that could lead to a small child or a pregnant woman becoming poisoned.

What are examples of Hazards?

  1. Chipping, flaking, bubbling, cracking or otherwise deteriorated paint that is for any reason detaching from the substrate.
  2. Rubbing doors, windows and or other thing or circumstances that might cause paint to be detached from the substrate.
  3. Impact surfaces that have not been made safer or have defects that makes them less safe.
  4. Bare soil.

What are remnants?

Paint chips and or dust.

What are underlying conditions?

Water intrusions that may cause paint and or the substrate to deteriorate, windows that rub or stick, doors that rub or stick or slam against painted surfaces, dirty window sills, wells and or floors.

What can I do to be sure that I will pass every time?

A lead inspection is an open book. You know what the inspector will be looking for. You know that he is trying to determine if the residence has hazards that could lead to a baby, a child or a pregnant woman getting poisoned.

  • The inspector will be looking doors and or window that rub or stick. He will open and close every window and door.
  • Lead remnants are found in dust and dirt. If there is none of either (dust or dirt) the inspector will not find remnants. Therefore clean every floor and window component.
  • The inspector will conduct a visual inspection to find deteriorated paint. He will have no special devise that enables him to see what cannot see. Walk through and inspect the residence. Identify the issues, fix the underlying condition and cure the paint problem. Be sure to clean up thoroughly and us a HEPA Vacuum and soapy water.

Note: Third Party Inspectors are contractors that are paid by and thus work for the client.  None desire to fail you. Our job is to teach you how to pass and then check behind you until you do.  In the end we were placed in the process to help in keeping pregnant woman and the babies safe from the awful results that are associated with being lead poisoned. We all want that and thus, it is an effort worthy of us all. In addition to that, the reports we issue could help in saving you hundreds of thousands in litigation.