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Maryland Jury awards $5.1 Million in Lead Poisoning Case

Maryland Jury Awards $5.1 Million in Lead Poisoning Case PROTECT YOUR MONEY, YOUR LEGACY AND YOUR REPUTATION This article from the Detroit Legal News dramatizes how a Jury could affect you and your interest.  Property Managers, imagine the phone call from your client notifying you that your client is being forced to litigate.   By Steve Lash…

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Mold Inspections, Risk Assessment and Consulting

Mold Risks in Facilities Five Common Indoor Molds: Alternaria – Induces reaction in sensitized people. Aspergillus –  The most common subtype among paranasal sinus infections associated with aspergillosis is A. fumigatus. The symptoms include fever, cough, chest pain, or breathlessness, which also occur in many other illnesses, so diagnosis can be difficult. Cladosporium – Can…

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