DC & MD Lead & Mold Fees

Lead Services Fees

Clearance/Turnover – $95 + lab fees
DCRA (link to example)
DOEE (link to example)

  • Exterior Only – $250 + lab fees
  • Interior Only/Interior+Exterior – $300 + lab fees
  • Lab Fees
  • $15/dust sample
  • RUSH (next day results) – $25/sample
  • $20/soil sample
  • $50/water sample

Mom’s Inspections

Keep Your Baby Safe Clearance- for concerned parents.

$250.00 for – Entire home –  A visual inspection of the property pointing out potential hazards and instruction on how to cure potential hazards, taking wipes/samples where there are signs of possible hazards; one-on-one instructions for parents or caregivers on how to keep their babies safe inside and outside the home from lead paint hazards; delivering the samples to the lab; interpreting the results writing the report and the recommendations answering the follow up questions.

Likely Additional cost to test for existing hazards :

  • $15.00 per dust wipe sample.

Less Likely Additional Cost to test existing hazards.

  • $20.00 per soil sample (very rare occurrence but possible)
  • $50.00 per water sample
  • $100.00 for XRF Inspection to determine which ,if any, components contain lead paint. (20 component limit)

Mold Inspection Fees


We will need to see all documents pertaining to any requirements made by the municipality where the unit(s) is located and any previously determined requirements mad by any allied professionals prior to determining our estimate.

  • Commercial (Business) Mold Inspection Fees$1,300.00 plus lab fees
  • Residential (Home) Mold Inspection Fees$500.00 plus lab fees
  • Mold Risk Assessment $500.00 plus lab fees
  • Post Abatement Inspection$300.00 plus lab fees
  • Protocols – $400.00 fee
  • Mold Abatement Clearance$500.00 plus lab fee
  • Lab Fees$25.00 per air sample – typically one sample is taken outside to find a bases and one sample taken in each room suspected of containing mold spores.
  • Lab Fees$20.00 per tape sample- only taken to determine the kind of mold that exist. If we can see it we can discern that it is mold and no sample is needed unless you desire to know the species.


PLEASE NOTE: Veterans Environmental Technologies Services reserves the right to charge a fee of $50.00 for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which, without a compelling reason, are not cancelled with a 24-hour advance notice.


REFUND POLICY: We do not charge, and our customers do not pay in advance of our conducting services. Customers pay after we have incurred the cost of materials labors and processing. We are inspectors,  and we observe and report our findings. We draw objective conclusions as they are required by the pertinent regulations. There is no option to legally do otherwise. Because of this, we do not issue refunds. We will not unless the customer has paid and we have failed to inspect the subject, and that failure was completely the fault of a member of the A Veterans Environmental Technology Services Team.

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